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Ramana Maharishi

Q.) Some people when trying to experience the pain, it seems that they are only analysing it, not experiencing it. How to sit with the problem without analysis being triggered? What should we do to get out of the mind and go deeper inside the heart?

SRI BHAGAVAN: "See the problem with the humanity and especially modern civilisation is, you have stopped experiencing things. You hardly experience anything. Leave alone suffering. Nothing is being experienced. When you drink a glass of water, you are not experiencing it. The mind is still working. You think of what happened yesterday, what is going to happen tomorrow. You are worrying about something or enjoying something but not experiencing that drinking of that glass of water. While you eat you do not experience what you are eating. When you brush your teeth you do not experience what is going on. So at every level you have stopped experiencing reality. So what you must do is, you must start basic fundamental things. Like sitting for sometime every day watching the body breathe. It's a marvellous experience. You must watch the body breathe. You should go for walks. Be intensely aware of your walk. See what all the body is doing. And then your foot. Start with external things and physical things. This can go on for about 21 days.

Then slowly move into the inner world. There first of all try to see what is really going on .See what you call a problem is only a created problem. The real problem is deep inside which you refuse to see. But if you were to practice inner integrity you will see what is going on. You will discover a strange world inside you. Its a horrifying, terrible world. It requires lot of courage to see who you really are, not condemning it, not judging it, not giving explanations.

Now once you do that, thereafter when pain comes you will be able to experience that pain. And the strangest thing is as you really experience it, that is the mind will try to escape. It will try to condemn, it will try to judge, it will give explanations, it will run after pleasure or suddenly it will jump on to some other thought. It will try to escape you. If you watch it escaping,...to all the previous practices and if you watch it experiencing, you will suddenly discover that you are experiencing something. And in moments you will see it converts itself into joy. Something very amazing happens. It looks difficult but it is not really difficult.

If you start with physical experiences and inner integrity, it becomes quite easy."