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Isaac Shapiro



Awakening is not about  any particular experience.


It’s about  recognising we are the space beyond all experience,



and being the embrace of our experience.

Life, the universe, time, space, our bodies are all simply an experience to us. We experience all this with our five senses. So therefore, all the above are merely sensations to us.
Check and see if this is true for you.



Specifically with your body, close your eyes for a moment and contemplate how you know you have a body.

You feel something, right? So it is an experience to you. We experience everything through the five senses, so actually this moment is sensations to us.

That being so, is the experience of your body in you or are you in it?

We are aware of all experience, including our thoughts. Our experience of now is always changing, so better to speak of it as experiencing.

Awareness is ever present and is that in which all experiencing appears.


Is awareness an experience?

Can we sense awareness with our senses?

No, we can’t.

Can we know it with our mind? No.

We can be aware of our mind and of our senses and that’s why it’s said that awareness is beyond the senses, beyond the mind, beyond everything. We can understand that with the mind. The invitation is to know this directly.

Is there any beginning or end to awareness? Take a moment and check in your own knowing.



All experience appears in awareness. The universe is an experience to us, so it is at least as large as the universe.

Can you find a boundary to awareness?



Another word for no boundaries is freedom. In truth, awareness is free even of freedom, because it doesn’t have any concept of freedom in it. Boundaries or borders belong to our thinking, which we call the mind. No thought, no mind, so both freedom and borders are irrelevant to awareness.

How does life seem from the perspective of being awareness?

To awareness, all of existence appears in it. So there is nothing to gain or lose.

Awareness is ever present. Experience is always changing. Most people have the funny habit of trying to measure awareness by the experience they are having, and not only that, but to measure themselves by their experience.
Is it possible to measure awareness by experience?

‘I feel so sad.’ Does that mean I am not aware? Often we think this contraction means I’m not awareness and that I’m only aware when I feel expanded. Funny habit, isn’t it?

Try to describe awareness. You will see it’s not so easy!

This awareness that is everywhere is already here, but when it gets tied to experience, in other words, when we measure it by experience, we are confused. All experience appears in awareness. Once you know that, then every experience is free to come and go and no experience can trouble